About me

I would like to introduce myself to all of you writers, readers, or just people who are curious. My name is Nick, and I am a twenty-six year old guy who grew up in town called Gorcum.

My interests are gaming, fishing, fitness, and photography. I also enjoy reading, though I do not like to read whole books, considering I do not have the patience for that.

I started this blog, not only to share my photography, but also to practice writing, because I have a bunch of stories that I would like to share with everybody. If you ever see incorrect spelling- and/or grammar, or if you think I have written something in the wrong way and you can give me advice to make it better, please feel free to comment. I would really appreciate if all of you writers, and readers would help me to perfect my writing and stories.


6 responses to “About me

  1. Hey Nick 🙂 Welcome to the world of blogging. And thanks so much for subscribing to my blog, I really appreciate it! I was wondering what kind of writing help are you looking for? Do you want help on stuff like grammar and spelling? Or more general like writing style or how to structure your blog posts? Or both? 🙂

    I know that you said you don’t have the patience for finishing books but I think one thing that helps any writer is to read a lot. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn different writing styles. Good luck!

  2. last few weeks i try to read more Like what u say and learn how the other writers do it 🙂
    Its good to read stories from other writers.

    And for the help ! i just wanna know if i write something wrong

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