Daily Prompt: First Light

Thinking of my daddy leaves my home after we watch a football match.
Cause he is divorced now he has a new home and i real feel sad when im think he is full alone.
Not always Three or Four days in the week my little sister is at his side.So thats fine.
But still  three days left, I ask him so much times he wanna sleep here or i sleep at his house cause i feel bad to leave him alone on his own.Its my daddy and my best friend to.

Nobody must be alone ,Specially when u are so good and kind person.

My and my dad are on the right side but I think you seen that already 🙂

Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning


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6 responses to “Daily Prompt: First Light

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  3. He really is a good man, and the best father I could ever wish for. I think he will be lonely for a while, but when he gets used to it, he will enjoy being alone 🙂

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