Lines & Lyrics

Good evening folks.There is one thing that i actually don’t talk about  in my post or general on my blog.
And that’s Music,Yes i say Music.Its what i do the most,When i wake up,when i drink coffee,when i eat my lunch.Let me say full day i listening music.wich music ? rock/blues is what i like the most but im also listening  funk,dance,and any other style  but not any violin or classic  music.Its not my music but it can be good i don’t say that.
I like Lyrics so im always listening what they sing in song.I know that there a bunch of people who only listening half of a song ,Not me.I love good lyrics,And that’s why i actually post something about music.My qeustion to all of you that read this i asking.What is your favorite lyric or line in a song .I like to hear it from all of you !
Wich lyrics and lines i like ?
The first two lines are from my favorite artists,Arctic monkeys from england
If it’s a 7 hour flight or a 45 minute drive
It’s from the song named 505 from the album Favourite Worst Nightmare 2007But just don’t sit down ’cause I’ve moved your chair
This song is named the same as this line from the album Suck It And See 2011

The Third what i gonna write down is a few lines from a song named Demons galore from The Beatsteaks from germany

“This is mine it will never be yours
Stay away from what I love
Cause it’s the only thing I’ve got
Won’t stick to those I can not trust
No matter how you gonna try
I never sell and you can’t buy
So don’t you tell what’s up your sleeve
Lock it away and let me be
I don’t mind I don’t care
Lock it away and let me be”Amazing song ! From the Album Limbo messiah  2007

This are my favorite lines ,but there are much more that grabs me.

Please put a comment with your lines or lyrics



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