waiting till the weather get better and i can go outside fishing the weekend
Yes i like that ,its kind of adventure for me bring my tent sleeping bag and most important food.
Relaxing outside its the best for me,Making food on the fire what u made from some  wood pieces, exploring the area where you set your camp.
Its every time interesting for me !
And sure hoping i catch some fish or  see my friend catch one .
And when i catch a fish its like im little boy who just got his first fish.
only the fish what i catch now are some  pounds heavier,
For the readers that don’t know where i fishing for,I fishing at carp.
The most bigger what i catch is a 38 pound carp.
Yes yes carp fishers its just a small one for you !
Most of the carp fishers think they are the best and know everything about a carp.what they eat how u most feed,wich time,wich this wich that.
I just use the basic thing,one or two boilies or pellets on my set and search a good spot,and with the catapult i just shoot some food more,Not the day before feeding ,or 1 week-long everyday feeding,Yes they do it like that here !Everyday trow some food at the same time on a spot what they prefer sometimes for one or two weeks.
I think its crazy and you just trow away money,Most of the time i catch fish without all this bullsh*t.
Just fish basic and have fun with your friends while you hook is in the water and waiting your Beep beep 🙂
Let’s hope i only have to wait a few weeks till i can take my stuff and go outside.


To see some of my fishis what i catch check out my facebook  HERE


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