a egyptian in hungary

After i wake up in the motel drinking some coffee and smoking a cigarette im heading up to central station Budapest where i must get on the train to chop Ukraine. Getting in the metro and damn sure i like this so much people ! and people what i never seen,really like to look at people its just amazing everybody is so different,Seeing Funny looking people,grumpy,happy mad,sad,and much more types of people actually i don’t know there a happy or grumpy or what else but i just made my on view. Arrived at central station first thing what i see is again homeless people begging for money or just sitting down with their hands up hoping you put some money in,But not this time i don’t give any money i don’t can give all my money finally im in front of  the train station where the gypsies playing music and the muslims selling weed,While i smoking a cigarette and listening to the music what i really like,its makes you happy . and yes im on the asking path again im not like to search my train and i just walk around cause i have enough time And i see a young men from my age standing in the cold and i ask him if he can lead me to my train.i found a good guy and he show me the way to the train but i have still Two hours left so we talk a little, I’m interested to meet new people and what they to in their life,So i tell him we go drink some thea it’s so cold so i drink thea,But i don’t have money the guy say,dont worry i answer ! Im paying you a drink,while we drink our thea.Im still thinking its a gypsy so ask where he from.Hes from egypt and i say im from holland and yes he know it but only from the name amsterdam.much people have this when they asking me where im from and i answer Nederland ,What Nederland where the hell is that,Amsterdam ! oh Amsterdam haha funny isn’t it.
While we talking about much things in life.Im feeling he is not happy here in Budapest He don’t have money  so he have actually nothing And from all the money what he earn from selling weed and begging,He rent a little room where he can sleep .Life is a bitch sometimes It make me more sad so i pay him some food and i see he’s real hungry cause he all eat it like a child in africa Sad real sad and realizing he is from the same age as me.Damn i have it good i thinking myself Actually i have everything what he’s dreaming of.I have no words for it !.While we talk and talk i ask him if i can invite him to stay a while in Nederland ! strange isn’t it just invite a person to your home while you actually dont know a person.Dont knwo why i do it,Maybe im  just a person with his heart on the right place.not always but in this kind of situation yes i have my heart on the right place.I just can’t see a guy from the same age as me being so sad.While i writing his telephone number on a paper he tell me we must go in about ten minutes.so we drink more thea and eat something,He become a friend of me in this two hours we know eachother.yes i know what the most of you people thinking,This guy is crazy. Its my friend and im not shame myself.for it .Arriving at the train im telling him how i appreciate  he helps me finding the way to the train,and having a good time with me its makes me happy i can give someone a good time also if its only for a few hours,While i shake his hands he thanks me for all things what i did this few hours !
Dont worry friend you just an egyptian in hungary


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