sleep tight

Sitting in the plane with my stomach go crazy cause this my first time flying and don’t like it so much actually not at al.For me no planes anymore. A men try to help me and give me a bottle of water and says i must look straight to one point and yes i try but my head go automatic down.Checking my clock and i must wait more one hour to get in Budapest. Trying to read a magazine but i cant keep my mind on it.Yes i see lights and they come closer and closer and finally im on the ground.Damn i puke ! And fast take a bag for more dirty stuff coming out of my troath.Feel much better now. Why i don’t do this earlier i think myself.I see a little men just smiling at me.He think its funny but no it isnt.Hastily i take my bag and fast as i can walk from the plane. I’m in Budapest ! Heading up to the toilet to clean myself up. Now search the bus to the metro station.Actualy im not searching and just ask the people where to go.A dutch couple say they go the same way so i come with them. They warn me not drink too much palinka ! I already know this hungary alcoholic drink and its very fine,If u have the good one. Specially when its made from plum. Must get out the bus now and get on the blue metro and after blue i have to go on the red one actually i don’t wanna think so much cause i still feel not so good from the plane .And i just ask it again on several people.This men say take the left one and an other says take the right one wich one i must choose i think myself and just ask it one more time. right ? Ok i take the right metro and yes i going the good way and finally i must get out and go from the station.Walkin to the escalator and i really shocked how high it is little scary its amazing so high i never seen this in my full life and either not the discovery channel.And its goes and it goes like it never stop.YES im there and the first what i seen is much homeless people sleeping on some pieces cardboard.Feel a little sad now cause i also see an old women begging for some money i give her al my coins I don’t know what the coins are worth but she thank me and just keep on smiling and i know i do good.Heading up to the hostel where i stay the night to go the next day on a 6 hour ride to chop in ukrain.After one hour search i finally get there. and it’s not far at al from the metro station i just have to look better around me the next time.Open up the door and the first person what i see is a dragon ball Z type chinese guy.what shall i say Ni hao or konnichiha. hah no nick no funny jokes now and just say hello.Walking to the bar where a big girl is sitting and play with her phone like every person this times.They really got nothing else to do i think myself.but ok registrate myself to the hostel and see show me my room.A room with eight beds.But i worry about this men that s fulltime snoring.Remind me of my brother.WIFI they have so i start my phone to contact my girl.She still in the train from Moscow to chop A Thirty hour drive.And i complain about my two hours :).I don’t wanna feel what she is feeling now.she tell its almost Thirty celsius in the train. Must be warm don’t you think ? so we just  say each other sweet dreams and try to get some sleep.

sleep tight sweety !


7 responses to “sleep tight

  1. My first time flying I was four, visiting my father after the divorce. I had to fly alone so they gave me a pair of those little golden wings, and I somehow got off the plane without my escort and terrified everyone for a bit until they found me in the terminal.
    Searching but not really searching for the bus, I like that. 🙂

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